Recycle your old artificial grass

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Who are ‘Let’s Recycle Artificial Grass’?

I have been involved in the artificial grass industry  for over 15 years in the UK  and have seen the UK market grow from  750,000 sqm  sold   in 2007    to  11.5 million sqm  sold  in 2021   and data shows by  the year 2027 there will be around 20 million sqm  sold in  that  one  year  in the UK .  In the 15 years up to  today there has been  65 million sqm sold  of   landscaped artificial grass  for  residential and commercial areas in the UK.

Artificial grass is a fantastic product  and each year the technology and the  look gets better  and more popular and I want to be involved in the industry for the next 15 year but as a nation we have to  stop the grass going to landfill as we all know the impact  this does for the future for us , our children and our grandchildren.

Helping & Protecting the Environment

Recycling Plastic for Betterment of Others

Safeguarding Now and for Generations to come

What do we do? And how do we do it?

You can take you artificial grass to a network across the UK of waste centres  and pay at the weigh bridge or have a skip in your  yard and when the skip is full they will collect your artificial grass and  you will pay for the weight they collect.

To be honest this is going to be slightly more expensive than how you get rid of your waste at the moment but this year waste centres will stop taking your artificial grass due to the issues they are having and landfills not accepting artificial grass. Just think of how you are helping the planet and you can tell everyone on social media what you have done to help  .